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Quisapincha: Leather Land

Quisapincha: Leather Land

The community of Quisapincha in Tungurahua province in Ecuador has had for over 300 years the know-how of producing handcrafted leather goods. This small parish with around 12 400 inhabitants is very well known nationwide for its skilled artisans and high quality leather.

Most of the population belong to the 'Kichwas', a large ethno-linguistic group that stretches across the South American Andean Highlands. The traditional dress for men includes a red 'poncho' and white pants and hat. Women usually wear a hand embroidered white blouse. After agriculture, handcrafting represents the second biggest income for the community.

All along the main street you will find small shops selling all types of leather items: shoes, jackets, bags, wallets and more, in every style and color imaginable. Prices are very accessible, mainly because artisans don't charge much for their work. This is what HAKU seeks to change: to give fair wages to the artisans so that they can improve their standard of living. 

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