Our Mission

Haku Leather Design was born in 2016 with the mission to empower an underdeveloped community of artisans in the center of Ecuador. How? By combining the ancestral expertise of crafters with simple and stylish designs to develop 100% Ecuadorian high-quality and handmade leather travel accessories at accessible prices, while giving the artisans a fair salary for their work.

HAKU products are meant to be long-lasting, which is why we work only with the finest materials available in the market. We employ premium leather with the best quality you can find in our country. Our suppliers are local tanneries that comply with the highest environmental and quality standards we require. Moreover, the leather employed is a by-product from meat slaughter.

We don´t want your HAKU items to be disposable, and that´s another way we contribute to sustainability: by counteracting the effects of fast fashion industry.