Our Story

Welcome to Haku Leather Design, a brand for passionate travelers with a fair heart. It was on a trip to Greece that this adventure started. I fell in love with a nice leather backpack in Athens. I wasn´t happy with the price (a little too expensive) but since it was love at first sight I bought it. The backpack was my loyal companion all along my Eurotrip. It was very practical, comfortable and stylish.

leather backpack

In 2016, once back home after finishing my studies abroad, I knew I wanted to set up my own business. But not just any type of business, one that would cause an impact in society. And then I remembered the leather backpack! And I also remembered there was a small community of leather handcrafters near my parents’ hometown. Why not combining the social impact with my passion for traveling? Why not give the artisans the chance to produce amazing backpacks to be sold at accessible prices while improving their standard of living? And after a couple of weeks, HAKU was born!


I wanted to have a meaningful name and I wanted it to be consistent with the brand spirit and my Ecuadorian origins. So, I came up with 'HAKU' which is a word in Kichwa (an indigenous language spoken by some Ecuadorian communities; our artisans speak it too!) that means 'let's go!'. It fitted perfectly to what I want to communicate: my passion for traveling, my roots, and the positive vibes to always go forward with my impact.


MSc Alejandra Calvache