Haku Leather Conditioning Cream


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We've got your back! Our new line Haku Leather Care has all what you need to keep your items looking brand new.



  • Ingredients: 100% natural and safe ingredients. Triple Filtered Beeswax, Unique Blend of Seed Oils, Naturally Occurring Lipids.
  • Origin: 100% handmade in USA
  • Weight: 4 OZ



Does your bag have scratches or look sun-faded? We have the solution!

Haku Leather Conditioning Cream is the perfect conditioner for any type and color of leather. 

Moisturizes, restores and softens any Haku Leather item while creating a water repellent barrier for a long-life product. It can be used on any Haku leather good and also on shoes, jackets, car interiors, furniture and basically anything made out of leather.



  1. Make sure the surface where you will apply Haku Leather Cream is clean and dry (we recommend using Haku Leather Cleaner Spray to remove any surface dirt).
  2. Apply a small amount of cream onto a lint-free cloth and rub in circular montions until fully coated.
  3. Dry for 1 hour and apply more coats if needed.
  4. Let cure for 24 hours


NOTE: Not suitable for Nubuck leather nor suede. This product may temporarily darken leather. Apply a small amount on a edge of the product first, to see if you are comfortable with possible color changes.